National Phone Rally: Destroy the Republican Healthcare Disaster

Source: National Phone Rally: Destroy the Republican Healthcare Disaster


Sen. John Cornyn 713-572-3337
Sen. Ted Cruz 713-718-3057
TX-2 Rep. Ted Poe 281-446-0242
TX-7 Rep. John Culberson 713-682-8828
TX-8 Rep. Kevin Brady 936-441-5700
TX-9 Rep Al Green 713-383-9234
TX-10 Rep Michael McCaul 281-398-1247
TX-14 Rep Randy Weber 409-835-0108
TX-17 Rep Bill Flores (512) 373-3378
TX-18 Rep Sheila Jackson Lee 713-655-0500
TX-21 Rep Lamar Smith (512) 912-7508
TX-22 Rep Pete Olson (281) 494-2690
TX-25 Rep Roger Williams (512) 473-8910
TX-29 Rep Gene Green 713-330-0761
TX-31 Rep John Carter (512) 246-1600
TX-35 Rep Lloyd Doggett (512) 916-5921
TX-36 Rep Brian Babin 832-780-0966


Rumor has it that congress is close to having enough votes to pass a modified version of the AHCA, and voting may happen as early as Monday, May 1. Why is the AHCA so bad for Americans? The AHCA would rollback Medicaid expansion, causing over 24 million Americans to lose coverage, and premiums would increase for middle-class and older Americans. Importantly, the bill allows states to remove protections for folks with preexisting conditions, so insurers could refuse to provide coverage to millions. And, the bill allows states to waive requirements that insurers cover essential health benefits, including maternity care and mental health care, while letting insurers reinstate lifetime spending caps.

The bill is so bad that its very authors included a provision to make sure it does not apply to the health care plan offered to members of Congress. If the bill isn’t good enough for House Republicans, how is it acceptable for the American people?

Listen/Read: NPR: American Medical Association President on GOP Health Care Plan
Talking Points: Indivisible Guide: Affordable Care Act Talking Points

Say: “Hi, I’m a constituent of Senator/Representative _____ and I’m calling today because I’m very concerned with the proposed changes to the AHCA which had previously failed with bipartisan votes against it. Americans agree that access to healthcare is a human right, and allowing states to let providers make coverage inaccessible to those with pre-existing conditions or allow providers to offer sham insurance plans is bad for our citizens and your constituents. [If you have a story of how the ACA has helped you or a loved one, tell it!] My zip code is _____.”

-Keep them on the phone. Make them answer your questions. You are their constituent. You deserve representation.
-Always leave a message in their inbox. Show them your voice is present.
-Call multiple field offices for your rep. Especially Senators, who have 6 or 7 each.
-Bring questions about other issues to the table. Ask about as many issues as are relevant to you.
-Invite people to this event.
-Engage friends. Even non-political friends.

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