New groups looking to local Congressmen for questions and scorn

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) — Across the country town halls hosted by Republican congressmen and opposing groups have been packed and heated.

Central Texas groups opposed to President Trump’s agenda have been demanding local Republican representatives open to all constituents.

Sunday was unusually busy at Flores Mexican Restaurant in Dripping Springs. More than 150 people came out to ask questions to Congressman Roger Williams, R-Austin, not the real one but a cardboard cutout of our Texas representative.

His district stretches from just south of Fort Worth all the way down to southern Hays County. A group in Dripping Springs wanted him to answer their questions while he was in town for a private event down the street.

These central Texans want Williams to help keep the Affordable Care Act and make sure Medicare isn’t privatized. It was hosted by the local chapter of the national group “Indivisible” that’s already being compared to the left’s version of the Tea Party.

“The Tea Party was so powerful because it was people driven, but I really think what separates us from the Tea Party is we don’t have the Koch Brothers funding us behind the scenes,” said Erin Zwiener, who now is filtering community concern into political action.

“I’m hearing a lot of concern about how to hold our new president accountable for his breach of the constitution and his general intemperance,” said Zwiener.

She became political after President Trump won the White House and led the group a mile and a half away to another event they weren’t invited to.

Rep. Williams was slated to speak at a monthly meeting for the North Hays County Republican Party. Naomi Narvaiz is on the GOP executive committee and says she’s never been to a Democratic meeting and the tables have just turned.

“Eight years we lived under President Obama — I think they can live eight years under President Trump. You know, I think they’ll find out pretty soon here if they just give him a little bit of time he’s going to do well for all people not just some,” said Narvaiz.

The communications director for Congressman Williams, Vince Zito, released a statement on why he didn’t attend Indivisible’s event:

Congressman Williams believes in listening to his district and in doing so spends as much time as possible meeting with constituents and groups throughout his district. Congressman Williams will always humbly listen to the thoughts and concerns of all of his constituents — he always has and always will. And although he appreciates the invitation, he declines to attend the club meeting of the Dripping Springs Democratic Action and its associated groups. I think if you closely examine the statements and missions of these groups, it’s clear that civil, substantive discourse on issues is not their true agenda. Congressman Williams looks forward to continuing to fight for the issues that his constituents sent him to Washington to fight for, including: real tax reform, strengthening our military and rolling back the job killing Obama trademarks such as Obamacare and Dodd-Frank legislation.”

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